Health, wellbeing and development are key elements to the growth of an organisation and its people. As part of the bank’s commitment to creating a great work environment for its staff, DIB Active was launched to help get our team healthier and fitter while having fun.

DIB is committed to providing a great work environment that allows employees to reach their untapped potential and DIB Active gives employees that platform, to challenge their fitness skills and abilities outside of the work place. Through various events and challenges, DIB Active is designed to bring our teams together and help individuals achieve exciting fitness goals.

Our top priority is the wellbeing, progression, and engagement of our colleagues, and we are proud to support the UAE Government’s vision of making Dubai a fitter and healthier place to live and work in. Each of us can take steps, even small ones, to improve our overall well-being.

We encourage you to challenge yourselves by participating across the various events that are scheduled through the course of this year – a series of programs that are focused on the wellbeing of DIB’s most valuable asset – YOU!



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